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After fighting Pcos and Obesity I learned that our health must be the number one priority for us to fulfill all of our dreams . Taking good care of our body is necessary ,there is no magic pill for us to lose weight or fight pcos .It is all about loving yourself, choosing to be healthy , and do what is right . 


That’s why I created the Proweightloss Program, to help you achieve your real potential in this life, and make you realize that your body is a powerful tool in fighting any diseases.

Hi Sis!

I’m Coach Barbie, founder of Proweightloss Program and this website store is for everyone who are struggling with PCOS and WEIGHTLOSS .This program is made for people who are willing to change their lifestyles and health conditions. I designed this to motivate people who are suffering from PCOS and OBESITY for I know the feeling of holding back on what you want to do in life.​


All About PCOS




Proweightloss Program

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