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2022 New Years Resolution: Weightloss

It's 2022 and I know most of us want to lose weight especially the past few days we have a lot of delicious food served on Christmas Eve and New Year.

Guys, no matter what happened the past few weeks, months or, this past year – I don’t care how badly you ate or how many workouts you skipped. That is THE PAST. It is time to only look forward.

Check out these 5 Ways to Start your Weightloss Journey:

1. Set Realistics Goals

- For example, I want to lose 5kg this month or I want to remove my belly by the end of this month. I will make sure to jog 30mins a day

2. Prepare yourself for failure -Your binge eating, your still drinking sugar, you’re not sleeping well, you’re eating too often, you’re not drinking enough water, skipping exercises, you’re drinking too much alcohol, you’re not eating mindfully, you have a junk food addiction

3. Identify and address weaknesses -Eating Habits, sleep patterns, Cheating- Create a way on how you can overcome it.

4. Social Support - Join Proweightloss Program for guides, tips, monthly calendar and meal guides.

5. Make use of the appropriate tools - You should have Provita, Shape in Shake,

Vitamin C, Jumprope, slim belt, PN Guide, Diary & Yoga Mat

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