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3 Foods & Drinks to Avoid to Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy

Planning for a baby?

What you eat and drink matter! Let's chat about three things to skip if you're dreaming of a little one and how PROVITA Probiotics can lend a hand.

1) Coffee and Energy Drinks

Too much coffee can make it tricky to have a baby. It messes with hormones you need for getting pregnant. 

If you love your daily caffeine, it might be causing stress that isn't helping your baby dream. 

Try our PROVITA Cacao Husk Tea or other herbal teas in place of some of those caffeinated ones.

PROVITA Probiotics can also step in to help your hormones play nice and create a comfy space for baby plans.

2) Junk Food and Sweets

Eating lots of processed snacks and sugary treats can mess up your body, making it harder to have a baby. 

Those tasty snacks might be standing in the way of your baby dreams without you knowing. 

Go for fresh, healthy foods instead.

And PROVITA Probiotics can be like a superhero for your belly, helping your hormones behave and supporting your baby goal.

3) Limiting Alcohol Intake

Having a lot of alcohol isn't great for making babies. It can mess up your hormones and how your body works.

If you're a regular drinker, it might be making it tough for your baby dream to come true. 

Cut back on the drinks or try some non-alcoholic options.

PROVITA Probiotics can be your friend here, helping your body detox and keeping things baby-friendly.


If you're thinking about having a baby, what you eat and drink matters.

Avoiding these not-so-friendly foods and welcoming PROVITA Probiotics into your routine can give you a better shot at bringing a little one into the world.

Small changes can make a big difference in your baby adventure.

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