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5 Types of Belly Fat and What Causes Them

Many girls hesitate to put on a bikini because their body is corrupted by a terrible thing – a fat tummy. Most of us think that the best way to get a flat stomach is hundreds of exercises at the gym. However, according to experts, this is not so.

Read on to find out about 5 types of bellies!

5 Types of Belly and Here's How to Get Rid of It

1. Stress belly

In this belly type, the fat is mostly in the front portion and the navel area. It might be hard to touch and this is caused by a high level of stress. It's possible that you miss meals, drink lots of coffee, and even experience irritable bowel syndrome. You could be snacking on things with excess salt.

To get rid of it, make sure you get enough sleep. When you're under stress, it can affect your appetite and metabolism.

If falling asleep is hard, start by doing some breathing exercises, meditation, or journaling, to calm your mind. You should also avoid coffee as well as too much working out. Instead, go on walks, do yoga, and add magnesium to your diet.

2. Hormonal belly

If you have soft fat on the sides, you have this kind of belly. It's caused due to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive sweet and alcohol consumption. You could be eating a lot of sugar and refined carbs like cookies, cakes, and white bread or food items with too much starch like pasta and rice.

If you want to get rid of it, drink less alcohol, even if it's wine, and instead indulge in smoothies, eggs, lean meat, and vegetables. You can also have good fats, such as avocado, nuts, and high-fat fish. Diets only work when you replace an existing food item with another instead of cutting something out completely. Make exercises like walking and some cardio at home part of your life.

3. Mommy belly

For women who have given birth not too long ago, their tummy might look like they are still pregnant. It could be because it takes time for a woman's body to go back to its normal size after the birth of the child.

You might be interested in losing the fat quickly but it's important to be patient with your body.

It's good to rest for a few months afterward since you would be stressed out with taking care of your baby as well. Instead, you could add some healthy fats every day like nuts, vegetable oil, and olives into your diet. Also, try Kegel exercises if you can and sleep enough, including during the afternoon.

4. Bloated belly

If you experience bloating in your abdomen during the course of the day, there could a few reasons why that is happening like food allergies, sluggish bowel movement, and imbalance in bacteria in the intestines.

You could feel better by observing which foods aggravate this problem for you. Many people have a gluten allergy and lactose intolerance, so that is something to look out for.

You can instead opt for fresh vegetables, meat, chicken, and fish. You could minimize bread and pastries for a few days to see if that helps. You can also benefit from making breakfast your biggest meal and include some probiotics in your diet.

5. Low belly

Some people have a pronounced lower belly while the top half of the abdomen looks slimmer and there could be many reasons for that, including motherhood. It can also be that you are working out harder than necessary and your diet is fixed.

The way to get rid of that is through a healthy fiber-rich diet and drinking an ample amount of water. Include green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet. If you do squats, you should stop and replace them with planks instead. It is important to work all your muscles instead of focusing on one.

What would I recommend to get rid of these stubborn fats??

Personally, I get rid of my mommy and hormonal belly through jumping rope early in the morning. Jumping rope can decrease belly fat.

It has been linked to faster fat loss results, particularly around your abs and your trunk muscles. By pulling your core tight during a jump rope exercise routine, you can target that area and start sculpting abs.

At the same time, I always wear my slim belt which helped me tone the belly muscles after delivery and helps me reduce unwanted fat and tighten loose muscles.

Also, my experienced and even studies say, incorporating probiotics into your daily diet may help us lose weight and belly fats.

So I always take it 20 minutes before breakfast and another 20 minutes before bedtime.

And I really recommend it to you, sis!

The best secret to melt down your belly fats

is by taking PROBIOTICS.

Stop unhealthy cravings!

Stop unhealthy eating!

Take action now.

Let me help you sis to get rid of your belly fats faster and safer.


Coach Barbie ❤

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