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A Gentle Soap for You! Perfect for All Skin Types

Soap cleans and refreshes your skin by removing dirt and sweat from your body. However, the sorts of soap you use may not agree with your body. In a single-use, your body may break out into irritated, dry patches.

Are you aware that the best soaps for sensitive skin can help you achieve healthy skin that is free of irritation? To make soaps for sensitive skin suited for this skin type, they are free of strong perfumes and chemicals.

However, don't take the manufacturer's promises at face value; check the label for ingredients and perform a patch test.

How to Choose the Best Soap? Here are 5 Tips to check.

1. Natural Ingredients

2. No Chemicals

3. Avoid added fragrances and alcohol

4. Avoid synthetic dyes

5. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

Finding the right soap seems like a lot of effort. And it is scary to do a trial and error. Don't worry; we've taken care of it.

Dr. Kosei Oatmeal Soap is manufactured in Korea, combined with 7 powerful ingredients to achieve clearer, smoother & healthier skin.

It is made with Tea Tree Oil, Honey, Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Sulfur, Aloe Vera & Pure coco milk. these ingredients are responsibly sourced from Korea and I assure you that it has the highest quality for your skin.

Dr. Kosei Oatmeal Soap helps maintain your skin's natural pH balance, a soap that won't deplete your face with natural oils and nutrients.

Best recommended for 18 years and above, especially to those who are suffering from pimple, hormonal acne, and other skin conditions. ]


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