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ANTI HAIR FALL GUIDE -Lets talk about causes and prevention.

Hi sis !

They say our hair is our crowning glory . So we need to take good care of it as possible .

So why most men and women has experience sudden hair fall ?

so heres the causes :

Causes of Hair Fall :

  1. Genetic - In women first noticeable sign of hereditary hair loss usually over all thinning or a widening part .

  2. Nutrient Deficiency - wrong diets

  3. Age -Hair growth slow as we age .

  4. Childbirth - Because of stress and hormone changes

  5. Illness - happens because of medication

  6. Hairstyle Pulls on your scalp

  7. Hormonal Imbalance - because of pos or any other disease related to hormones.

  8. Scalp Infection - can lead to scaly sometimes inflamed areas on scalp.

  9. Alopecia strata - this disease develops when body immune system attacked hair follicles.

  10. Some Hair Care Products - because of hazardous ingredients .

How to prevent Hairloss for women :

  1. Supplements -

Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss . Iron , Zinc, Niacin,Selenium, Vitamin D. and vitamin B-12 supplements can help your body produce hair that strong and healthy . (according to healtlline .)

If your asking me I'm taking Probiotics with B complex ( Provita Probiotics) plus vitamin c

with Zinc,Selenium which is Provita C+

2. Diet

Your diet can have an effrr on Hairloss

Eating Anti oxidant food can help fight the signs of oxidative stress - this is environmental factors hat damage hair follicles :

Examples :

Fruits :

  1. Strawberries - prevents hair loss

  2. Blueberries - stimulates hair growth

  3. Guava - prevents breakage

  4. Peach - keep scalp healthy

  5. Limes - stimulate hair growth

  6. Banana - strengthens hair

  7. apple - volumes hair growth

  8. papaya - reduces hair thinning

  9. Avocado : Nourishes Hair

  10. Grapes - prevents hair loss

  11. pineapple - nourishes hair

  12. apricot - Nourishes hair

  13. Pomegranate- stimulates hair growth

  14. kiwi- prevents early greying

  15. grapefruit- strengthens hair

  16. plum - keep scalp healthy

  17. mango - keep scalp healthy

  18. cherry - prevents breakage

  19. Dates - strengthens hair

Vegies :

  1. Celery - full of vitamins

  2. Spinach -rich in iron

  3. Carrots - make your hair shiny

  4. Sweet potato - good source of beta carotene

  5. Beans- good source of protein

  6. Soy Beans

  7. All green leafy vegetables .

Oh, I really love fruits , thats why I always eat fruits and veggies every day .

Add up also is we need to eat more protein .Eating adequate protein is important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein .A lack of protein in diet has been shown to promote hairloss. Biotin is essential for production of hair protein called keratin.

So be sure to add up protein fruits and veggies in your diet daily.

Just wanna share my Protein Shake everyday. Provita Shape in shake has 20 fermented fruits and veggies plus probiotics. It satisfy my sweet cravings and keep me energetic every day .

Good to know that it may also help me with my hairball because of its ingredients.

Wow! you must try!

When to see a doctor

If your concerned that your hairless goes beyond normal shedding or temporary telogen effluvium, you should speak to your doctor. Hair that's coming outing clumps and leaving bald spots, and hair that growing patches could be symptoms of underlying condition.


Light exercises will do . Remember to exercise to make your body strong not to make your body become stress. Have a rest day and sleep well .

Join the Monthly Calendar Challenge and download it now !

Always remember to take care of your body . Join our Proweightloss Community .

Choose the right program for you . Get your guide today !

Love ,

Coach Barbie

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