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April 2022 Workout Calendar

Hi sis!

It's April, Summer is here! The weather is getting hotter than ever before. This month's workout calendar theme- Keep the curves, Drop the Fat Challenge. What I want you to realize this month is that we have our own beautiful and sexy curves. I want you to love them! All you got to do is to shed the excess fats from it. So I prepared these workouts for you, I want you to take in more positive energy and get a fitter body. Whatever negatives they are saying about you may it be the way you look or what. Don't let them bring you down. You are powerful & beautiful!

Here are some of the exercises and their benefits that will motivate you to complete this month's calendar :

Fire Hydrants

Improves hip mobility

Improves lower back stability

Engages hard to reach muscles

Warms up the hips

Activates glute muscles

Wall Sits

Improves Muscle Strength

Sharpen Focus

Improves Overall Stamina

Develops your Thigh Muscles

Improves your Flexibility

Helps Relieve Stress

Strengthen your Calves

Jump Rope

Decrease Belly Fat

Improve your Balance

Improves your Heart Health

Tighten your Core

Improve your Lung Capacity

Tone your calves

Build Stamina

SideSide-Lying raise

Strengthens and builds up the hip muscles, and glutes helping them to look bigger and giving a more defined appearance. It enhances posture, flexibility, balance, and limb speed.

Jump squat

Toning your butt, legs, and abs

Burning Calories and fats

Boosting better blood circulation

Reduces the risk of injury

Boost sports performance

What more if you will be able to finish it all? Download now our April Calender now! Have questions? Feel free to message us.


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