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Coach Barbie - MYSTERY BOX

As a gift to all PCOS Fighters and Weight Loss Warriors, Coach Barbie gives you the most awaited and most requested MYSTERY BOX.

This Surprise Mystery BOX is for the people who love surprises!

Wondering what’s inside??

Proweightloss Products may help you achieve the dream body and healthy body you wanted to.

It's only 999 Pesos!!

With this price, you will now have the best Proweightloss Products.

You might not know; with only 999 Pesos you might have Provita Probiotics or even a Yoga Mat!

Each box will be carefully packed and be prepared by yours truly, Coach Barbie.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your Mystery Box today and have lots of surprises!!

I'm so excited about what mystery box you will receive.

Message us, sis!


Coach Barbie

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