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Coach Barbie's Love-Filled Journey with PROVITA Probiotics

Our cherished Coach Barbie is a loving mom who's here to share her powerful journey.

Join her story of love, care, and the amazing wonders of PROVITA Probiotics.

Coach Barbie's Overflowing Love

When her son, Zedikaiah, came into Coach Barbie's life, her heart overflowed with love. Not just for her baby but for others too, as she generously shared her extra breast milk with a local hospital. A true mom with a heart full of love!

The PROVITA Wonders

In the midst of her motherhood journey, Coach Barbie found great support in PROVITA Probiotics. This supplement became her go-to everyday partner, supporting her health and ensuring a healthy supply of breast milk. Plus, it's safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms – a worry-free choice for every mom.

Coach Barbie's Daily Love Routine

Coach Barbie keeps it simple yet full of love. She starts her day with PROVITA Probiotics, uses a slim belt since she had CS delivery, and enjoys PROVITA Shape in Shake for that extra boost in breast milk production. These small acts reflect a mom's dedication to giving her best.

A Sweet Message

To all the "PADEDE MOMS", Coach Barbie sends a warm message – take your probiotics supplement, find moments to rest, and know that your efforts are appreciated and loved. "Mabuhay Ang Mga Padede Moms" – your journey is beautiful!


As we celebrate Coach Barbie's love-filled journey, let's spread the message of simple care, self-love, and the strength found in the hearts of "Padede Moms" everywhere.

Cheers to the goodness of love and the wonders of PROVITA Probiotics!

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