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Embracing your Curve leads to Fitness.

Did you know that ?

Old Me, New Me Nothing change just me realizing my worth .

By : Proweightloss Anne

I’ve always been a plus size, the big trio, fatso. Losing weight was never on my list, I just seem to embrace it. Bullies never really affected me unlike others that are in the same shape as I am.

I can always stand up for myself. I can always handle things around me whenever and wherever I am, I’m that person. And that simply answers the Why me being a plus size was never an issue. This was the OLD Me sharing.

But now... The NEW me is taking over!

Being plus, your shape and physical features are not just the things you need to look at or deal with on a daily basis, it is actually more of within... by within I mean your HEALTH.

These things came to my attention. When I delivered my 2 kids via C-Section, my 1st was an emergency C-Section due to high blood pressure, and my 2nd was scheduled at my 37th week of pregnancy due to complications caused by high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I had to go through these, the worst is I even put my kid’s life at risk because of my body size, me being overweight, these are just a few mentioned downsides of being overweight.

You might think you’re okay and that you feel okay but what’s going on inside you, in your system is a whole different story. Standing up for yourself is never enough to show just how proud you are of yourself, but taking care of it is really what’s important.

Your body, your responsibility so it should all start with YOU!

Trimming down takes time , well nothing really comes in a snap of your finger .So, the NEW me is now deciding to take it one step at a time, little by little… As the saying goes “Small or Big Progress is Still a Progress ”.

I learn to embrace it as I embark on this magical journey of fitness , So buckle up and let's start to ride up and down on this JOURNEY TO WELLNESS with PRO WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM .

When I see Proweightloss Program, i know that my prayer has been answered, that God want me to take action , to take the full responsibility of taking good care of my self, because this has been a GREAT GIFT from him. That's why our bodies were so amazing . This Quote from Elder Jorg Klebingat caught my attention :

“ Feeding the spirit while neglecting the body, which is TEMPLE usually leads to spiritual dissonance and lowered self esteem . If you are out of shape , if you are uncomfortable in your own body and can do something about it, THEN DO IT!

Can you do something about it ?

That's why I will do it NOW! and so as you ..

Join Our Amazing Community that can motivate and support you to get your goal with no judgment . Click here :

See you around ka -Proweightloss.

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