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Expectations is Reality in Proweightloss Program

Meet Sister Cecille A. Odo, like you she was stressed from the people around her telling her she's gaining weight, does not take care of her body, not having baby with her husband and many more. She muster up her courage when she saw Provita, promising herself she would show them her sexy and healthier Cecille. She trusted me, Coach Barbie of Proweightloss Program for her goals and I told myself to not disappoint her. Then her journey begins.

She received her first Provita and Shape in shake last November 14, 2021. She expected that she would lose weight and be free from PCOS, hoping to have a baby as well. This was the start and she even had her first post to our official facebook group. Her guides was given to her and I can sense her yearning for a change and I am eager to see her achieve her goals.

By November 23 she got her 2nd order and she even posted in our group, I have given her a free shape in shake to boost her motivation and she was so happy about it. She was so active, she follows the guides I am giving her and even post her activity in our group. She even updates me from time to time. One time in her post, she mentioned that even she just had her vaccination she did not feel the pain in her arms and she did some exercises as well. Due to her activeness to our Proweightloss Program she even won in one of my raffles.

As she consistently follow my guides and meal plan her hardwork was paid off. In just a little time she saw her body change that made her jolly. That I felt she is on her own making changes and inspiring others.

On December 15, 2021 she shared a good news in our group that she have her period and she was already delayed 4 months. Its just almost a month she have been taking Provita besides from having her period she is also losing weight. She even posted to encouraged others - not lose hope and give up. She made my heart greatful that day!

She also participated in our Tiktok Challenge for our shape in shake. You can see and feel the fire inside her to change and be the better person. And so she is one of the reasons I have launched our 24 days Program this 2022 where in you can lose 8kg guaranteed. She heard and enrolled to it wishing to have their baby soon.

Overall, our Sister Cecille is jolly from being able to fit in her dresses, having her period and losing weight. She is always thankful to Proweightloss Program when I should be the one thanking her as she have given me her continuous trust and she also inspire me to continue to help people.

To all of our sisters- PCOS cysters and brothers out there Sister Cecille have shown you the brighter and positivity of life. Whatever your going through today, don't give up. Let me help you!


Coach Barbie


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