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Hello sis!

Are you ready to be active in 28 days?

Here is the newest calendar challenge this FEBRUARY.

Are you excited to Shake It Up your Booty!

Challenge begins: February 01, 2021

Challenge ends: February 28, 2021

Here what to expect:

· Daily Booty exercise.

· To make your Butt Worked Out.


This works together with your quadriceps and other muscles for activities like walking, running, jumping, and squatting.

Amazing Benefits of a Great Booty

If you suffer from back pain, weak core or simply looking to change, then you must check out these benefits:

1. Protect Your Lower Back

Having a great booty can protect your lower back. When your glute muscles are weak, other smaller muscles need to kick in and help propel your legs to walk. This leads to strain in your back, hips, knees, and other places of the body. Having strong glutes can avoid excessive use of muscles.

2. Weight Loss

Butt and thigh exercise to tone and shape your lower body. They also contribute to your overall fitness, by supporting your body for movements like lifting, squatting, bending, and twisting. The easier you can move, the more efficient your workouts will be.

3. Strengthen Your Pelvis

Childbirth and obesity are a common cause of weakened pelvic muscles. A weak pelvis is a sign that your internal organs aren’t fully supported. This can lead to embarrassing situations with wind and other digestive issues. Creating a great booty can strengthen your pelvis, giving better control over the bladder and bowels.

Exercise and balance challenge all your muscle groups to work together, giving you more of an overall body workout. By improving your overall athletic performance, you can keep your body challenged and engaged.

Post your selfie before, while, or after doing the exercises on my FB page:

You can now watch and accompany me in achieving your goals on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

Reminders : - drink water - check the meal plan for today - take your probiotics - write down your meals in your diary - take a rest


We can do this achieve our goals to lose weight! #ProweightlossProgram

Always remember and follow me.

Cuz, I will teach you the right way, to lose weight... SEE YAH !!


Coach Barbie

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