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February Workout Calendar

Hi mga sis!

You made it through the new year’s resolution month, and you’re still here. Congrats. Few people make it this far. But you’re different. You know what you want and YOU WILL get it. You’re my type 🙂

So, you’ve earned your February 2022 Proweightloss Workout Calendar! Check it out: Simply check each workout as you complete it. I want you guys to make sure you finish your calendars strong this month because comes March, I will want you at a confident fitness level. I am planning something really good for you guys 🙂

Because February is the month of love,I want to dedicate our Feb to remind ourselves to love our heart. That’s this month of February, I want all of us to instagram or facebook post about on how to love our heart. Maybe it’s changing your diet? Exercise? Quit Smoking? Limit Alcohol Whatever it is, this Feb I'd like each of us to reflect about our hearts for a moment. When you post, make sure to use the hashtag #loveyourheart and in the caption of your pic, take a moment to journal what the hashtag of the day means to you.

This will motivate you to respect who you are, what you fight for, and explore further into what makes you special.

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