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From 57.90kls Down to 49kls- Another Fitspiration

Another member of the Proweightloss Program achieved her Goal Weight more than she expected.

Meet Nylahm H. (on the left picture) She enrolled in 20 Days Programs and This is her 13 Days of Joining Proweightloss Program. She courageously posts her experience in the OFFICIAL GROUP. She described her experience that she eventually feel better and can move easily compared the time she has not joined Proweightloss Program. In addition to that, she also encourages to take Provita to those who are trying to conceive as she wishes to get pregnant soon.

As she has reached her 20th Day in the Program. She proudly creates another post on her achievement. That her present weight is 49kls, her old favorite clothes fit her and she sees herself with a shape now which made her joyful.

This journey was not a success if she did not Start and Decided what goal to achieve. The Proweightloss Program is right here for you to help you fulfill your dreams like losing weight, getting pregnant & fighting PCOS.

Are you the next one to reach her goal? Need help? Join now our OFFICIAL GROUP or you can message us.


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