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Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Are you having a hard time getting back into shape? "Rather than jumping in head-first, start slowly” Yes you need to take it slowly but has improvement. That’s all that matters. If you’re like this “I’ll get back to it tomorrow or next week” then you will never get back into shape as you wanted. Are you struggling how to get back into shape?

Here are 10 tips on how to start:

1. Be smart with Goal Setting- Write down your goals so you can check back on them. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

2. Mark it in your calendar- It is important to track your daily exercise. Download your free October Calendar today and strengthen your mucsles and to get rid of back fats.

3. Fuel up for better Nutrition- You need to eat right. Know how to portion your meals. Eating a rainbow food, protein, carbs, and healthy fats in every meal is a great idea. You should have a Recipe Book, PN Guide and Proweightloss Diary to get started.

4. Have a work out snack- You need a quick, easy and healthy snack to prepare. Protein shake is always a good idea. Add Shape in Shake in your smoothies too, you can have it as breakfast, snack or dinner. Best to take it after doing the Back Fat Exercises this month of October.

5. Breathe it out- Take a second to pause. De-stress from your day

6. Turn your favorite past time into exercise- Do the 21 days October Calendar Challenge-Back Fat Exercises. Exercising your back strengthens your muscles that support the spine, alleviate stiffness, improving mobility and improve circulation to better distribute nutrients through the body, including spinal discs.

7. Use Visualization- Envision yourself completing your workouts, accomplishing your goals, and adhering to your nutrition plan. This will help you build self-discipline, gain greater self-awareness, and will allow you to begin your day confidently.

8. Make the most of today- "Live the day as if it's your last". Finish set plans daily and do the 21 day challenge for October Calendar.

9. Respect your progress- small progress still counts, it is still a progress. Treat it as motivation.

10. Find your support system- Enroll in one-on-one coaching and be guided throughout your weightloss journey.

So get up and push it girl! Don’t give up!

Always remember this- Nothing will work unless you do! Enroll in one-on-one Coaching session for FREE! Proweightloss Program is here to help you! Together let's be healthy!... Know more and get your 30 Healthy Recipes and PN Guide today! And be fit as well!... Download October Calendar today for FREE!- Exercises on how to get rid of Back Fat!

Love, Proweightloss Program

"Going forward in a Healthy Way"

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