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Hello Sis!

Are you irritated with your acne? Then let's talk about how Probiotics can prevent Hormonal Acne?

But first What is Acne?

Acne is a medical term that describes what occurs when follicles of the skin get clogged (the portion of the skin that links the pores to the oil glands).

"ACNE" is divided into several different forms of skin blemishes.

The pimples (zits), blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, nodules, and papules all of these various kinds of skin blemishes are known to be” acne”.

So, you know what is acne now, then we will find out what is Hormonal Acne?

Hormonal Acne - is usually related to hormone changes during puberty, adults of any age may also be affected by hormonal acne. In women, it's particularly common. A variety of factors, including menstruation and menopause, can contribute to this.

Probiotics help balance your gut microbiome (the gut bacteria population and other microbial life that resides in your digestive tract) and lead to good digestion and a healthy immune system. Your skin also has its own "flora“ of the ecosystem, or microbiome, of strains different from your gut. Probiotics that contain beneficial bacteria to be added to your skin directly. These are known as topical probiotics.

Benefits of Probiotics for Acne

· Probiotics offer both internal and external advantages, and for each person, one method of use can produce better results than another.

· Calms inner inflammation: The best bet to keep the lining of your digestive tract smooth and robust is to take probiotics.” The idea behind the use of probiotics for acne is that to minimize inflammation, it will normalize the balance of healthy bacteria on the skin.”

· Protects skin from environmental damage: It is easier to fight off potential causes of inflammation or infection when your skincare is improved by probiotics.

· Probiotics can help prevent damaging bugs from causing inflammation in the first place.

· Probiotics help restore the natural barrier function of the skin, which is essential for redness, sensitivity, breakouts, and discomfort to be removed.

Hope Probiotics can minimize or prevent your growth hormonal acne.

But best of all, first consult your doctor.

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