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How I become PCOS Free and Lost 20 kg.

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hi sis! I'm sis Kristina May - a PCOS FIGHTER.

Let me share my PCOS and weight loss story with you!

I wish it can inspire and give you hope 😃

On June 11, 2018, I was officially diagnosed with PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Doctors say that 1 in 10 women have it and more than 50%of women don’t even know they have it. The average woman sees at least 5 different practitioners before they even get a diagnosis. I myself dealt with at least 3 physicians before a doctor suggested I may have PCOS. When I heard the news, I thought to myself: Okay great. Now what? I didn’t even know what PCOS meant, what it could do to the body, or that it would eventually get worse.

I have been personally struggling with irregular periods, hirsutism, obesity, insulin resistance, ovarian cysts, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and gluten intolerance.

I gained more weight every year. My weight never went down and kept steadily going up. In 2018, I started having irregular periods. I didn’t know why this was happening to me. I’m a woman, I’m supposed to have a period monthly. That’s when I went to the doctor and she did an ultrasound of my ovaries. After the diagnosis, I found out that I had multiple cysts on my ovaries and that I was insulin resistant. But that wasn’t even the bad news. The bad news is that there is no known cure.

Upon checking my weight, I was already 75 kg. The constant weight gain wasn’t good for me. It isn’t good for anybody. Because of it, my PCOS symptoms became worst.

My doctor prescribed me to take pills as they say it can help me manage my symptoms.

For a while, yes, I had my period but after stopping it… MY PERIOD WENT TO IRREGULAR AGAIN.

One time as I was scrolling on Facebook, I saw an ad saying she lost weight and also, she overcame PCOS. My attention was hooked.

I message her directly as to how she managed PCOS and OBESITY. She then told me her story. And truly, it gives me hope.

I joined the Proweightloss Program that year, 2018.

Coach Barbie gave pieces of advice based on her experience and also encourage me to take Provita Probiotics.

I took it 20 mins before breakfast and also 20 mins before bedtime. Coach barbie also gave me free meal guides. As we all know, if we have PCOS we can’t eat every food we just want.

Another thing I really appreciate in joining is that there is a coaching session where they really guide us and ask for what we feel from time to time.


Provita Probiotics also gave me the energy I need in a day as I was also teaching. Also, it was really helpful for me and for my overall health. It was a big help since taking it, my period became regular.

Here’s the good news, in January 2019 I decided to go for a checkup again.

I almost cried! I’m so happy!



From 75 kg weight, now I’m 55 kg.

  • Proweightloss Program teach me the right way to take good care of my body

  • Provita Probiotics helped me balance my hormones and my overall health

  • Coach barbie’s advice and tips made me strong. She never gave up helping me and her story made me realize I can also do it.

Up to these days, I still take Provita Probiotics. Not just for my weight loss journey but also for my overall health.

I really recommend u sis to try it!


Now that you read my story about how I overcome PCOS, I know for sure that Coach Barbie and Proweightloss Program can also help you become PCOS FREE.

Just let them know what you feel so they will give you all your needs to fight PCOS.

A great weight loss/PCOS Program and Coach it is!

** Slideshow 👆


Many women are suffering from an invisible battle called PCOS.

Only a few are familiar.

But we can do this sis!

We will teach you and give you the right way how to fight PCOS and Obesity.

I am always here to guide you 💕


Coach Barbie

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