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''How I become Pregnant and PCOS Free''

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Do you have PCOS? Don’t worry–it IS possible to get pregnant with PCOS. I got pregnant on my first try with PCOS. How did I do it?

Way back in 2018, I don’t have a regular period and I haven’t been menstruating for almost 3 months.

And it bothers me a lot. With that, I visited my OB and asked her for the reasons why I had an irregular period because I'm also suspecting that I might be pregnant.

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and was told that having a baby in the future could prove to be a challenge. It was hard to know what to do with this information.

I am 91kg at that time. I had a hard time losing some of my weight.

I’ve read a lot regarding PCOS and how to manage it and one thing that can help is to lose weight.

Then I came to realize, that I needed to lose weight to be PCOS-free and for me to conceive and have a baby. The most challenging part of losing weight is when no one can support you and guide you.

One time, I was scrolling down through Facebook. I saw an ad that tells her weight loss transformation and how she fought PCOS.

I was amazed.

It was Coach Barbie’s weight loss and PCOS Story. I’m inspired that I immediately joined the Proweightloss Program.

I message coach barbie and asked for help if what did she do to fight PCOS and obesity.

She offered me the help I need.

And with that, she recommended me to take Provita Probiotics.

Before joining, I checked on the reviews and testimonies of her clients that has also the same condition as mine.

There were lots of positive feedbacks and it was indeed an effective one!

I agreed and joined the Proweightloss Program.

I started taking Provita in July 2018 and weighed 91kg. In the year 2019, I lost almost 27kg… now I’m 64kg. I lost a lot of weight.

You might be asking how?

  • I always take Provita Probiotics daily and also; she gave me a free PCOS Nutrition guide which helped me fix my body’s nutrition.

  • Taking Provita Probiotics helped me a lot. After taking it my irregular menstruation becomes regular again! Also, it boosts my immune system and

  • I also joined her monthly challenges, like The Biggest Loser which also pushed me to lose weight.

It was not just about buying and selling for them.

Coach Barbie taught me how to take good care of my body. She made me realized that I am not alone in this battle.

They also had a community wherein you can share your thoughts and feelings on your weight loss journey.

What’s the best part of joining Coach Barbie’s Proweigthloss Program??




My fertility journey has been full of surprises: I was diagnosed with PCOS, my period became irregular, I joined Coach Barbie’s Proweightloss Program, I became healthy again… I GOT PREGNANT

Now I had the prettiest and most lovely baby girl I ever wanted.

What’s your PCOS story?

Share it with Coach Barbie and she will help!

Oh! Before I forgot. If you’re having PCOS and Infertility problems?


My Transformation and a Proweightloss Successful PCOS Fighter 👇


Join me today sis!

Let me also help you achieve your dream 🙂

Whether it's about losing weight, wanting to have a regular period, overall health, fertility, and more.... I AM HERE READY TO HELP.


Coach Barbie ❤

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