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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

All my life I was not aware of the food I eat as long as it is comfortable to my taste bud . And its like addiction , I wasn’t know that I am harming my health . And I become obese at 212lbs .

Got pregnant and experience complications and found out that I have PCOS .

My wakeup call is when I loss my two babies because of my Health Condition . I was diagnose that i have follicles on my Left Ovary ,Complete septum Uterine Didelphys, Incompetent Cervix. I have high Cholesterol Level,High Sugar and my Blood Pressure when up. .I got constipated and lot of digestive issues . Then suddenly my menstraul period doesn’t come regularly.

I visited my doctor,she prescribe me a hormonal pills and advices me to lose weight . I went home look at those pills and I go into my laptop and try to research about hormonal pills and I read about the dis advantage of taking Hormonal pills .

Then I decided that I need to go on to a DIET. I started cutting all unhealthy foods , I eat once a day , doing a lot of exercises and suddenly I got sick. I want to lose weight quickly as possible . I try to take a lot of dieting pills,juice,tea and coffee and nothing work . Then I decided to study and search about the right nutrition to Fight my PCOS .

I started to eat healthy , eat the right meal, choose the appropriate execrcise that tune with my hormones , working closey to functional medicine ,learning some essential emotional wellness tecniques, take provita probiotics as my food suppment . I let FOOD be my medicine , then I see results. I created my own program that is sustainable in my busy lifestyle . Then my period came naturally , without using pharmaceutical drugs ,my acne has gone and starting feel better I loss 50 kg in just 4 months .

I started to share my journey and program to the internet then I see a lot of women who are really struggling to lose weight and fighting pcos .I enjoy teaching and guiding them , until I see results in them , gratefulness and inquiries flooded my emails , messages daily . By that time I realized that this is what I am destined to be , helping other people ,inspiring and motivating . Having been through difficifult times I know that we need people around us to fight PCOS AND OBESITY , rather than facing it alone .

After battling with my health , tons of research . Undergo 3 surgeries .I made finally paid off. I

started getting a regular period and then fell pregnant naturally with my

beautiful son, ZEDI.

I now know that there is nothing

magical or lucky about my experience.

It is simply a scientific fact that if

you make the right lifestyle changes

and put in the hard work, you can

overcome PCOS and OBESITY too.

Whether you’re trying to conceive,

you’re ready to lose weight, or you just

want to rediscover a healthy happier

you the road is always openThis is why


These programs are my way of

making things right for women like

me that have suffered unnecessarily

because of outdated or inadequate

health care.This program is Free, adjustatble , sustainable that fits with our different lifestyle . My goals are to use

evidence based research to provide

you with the best advice possible,

and to give you the support you really

deserve so that you can fight PCOS and OBESITY for real.

I am happy to guide and assist throughout this journey .

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