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How PCOS Changes Your Periods and What You Can Do!

PCOS can really shake up your periods.

Here’s what might happen and how you can handle it:

1. Irregular Cycles

PCOS often messes with your cycle. Your periods might come early, late, or not at all, making it hard to predict.

What You Can Do: Keep track of your periods on a calendar or app. If they’re all over the place, talk to your doctor to figure out what’s up.

2. Heavy Bleeding

Some women with PCOS bleed more during their periods. It can be a hassle, but you can manage it.

What You Can Do: Eat foods with iron like leafy greens and lean white meats. If it’s too much, your doctor might suggest meds to help.

3. No Periods

PCOS can sometimes stop your periods altogether for months. It’s frustrating, especially if you want kids.

What You Can Do: Try exercising regularly and eating healthy.

4. Painful Periods

PCOS can make your periods more painful. It can really cramp your style.

What You Can Do: Take ibuprofen for the pain. Heat pads and gentle exercise like yoga might also ease cramps. Talk to your doctor if it’s really bad.


Knowing how PCOS affects your periods helps you take charge of your health.

Work with your doctor and make lifestyle changes to keep your periods on track and your body healthy.

Remember, everyone’s experience with PCOS is different.

Finding what works for you might take time, but staying informed and staying proactive is key to feeling your best.

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