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How to be a PCoffee Distributor?

Each morning, millions of people start their day with coffee — more than 171 million, to be specific. When you add the people, who prefer to savor a cup of coffee in the afternoon and evening, the number of daily coffee drinkers in the climbs to more than 200 million.

With approximately 64% of the population drinking coffee daily, now is a great time to hop into the coffee industry.

Jumpstart your journey to becoming a PCoffee Distributor with these easy-to-follow tips, strategies, and resources for getting started.

1. Drink your pcoffee early in the morning

- Before you start any of your daily activities, drink a cup of PCoffee first thing in the morning. Reap all the benefits it may give to our body so you can also share your experience to your clients on how you felt after drinking our PCoffee.

** Remember: It is more valid for a customer if you have your own testimony as a seller. They will feel assurance

2. Copy and paste all our marketing tools

- Once you become a PCoffee Distributor, all the marketing materials you need will be given. All you need to do is to like our FB Page: PCOFFEE main and copy all their posting to your timeline

3. Answer your inquiries

- if you have inquiries, that’s great! Now we need to know what are their goals in buying our product. So, in answering inquiries we need to be flexible. We need to know and learn the products we are selling. A wise buyer will always ask questions on “WHY I NEED TO BUY THAT PRODUCT?”, and as a seller, we need to answer their questions directly.

**Note: as a seller, we need to answer the client’s question, “WHAT IS IT FOR ME?”

4.Claim their payment and ship the products

- after a successful transaction, we need first to claim their payment if it is paid now ship now before shipping the product. And if they insist on paying after the delivery, better create a Shoppee account wherein, you will get the client's details and you will be the one to order on their behalf.

5. Repeat.


Easy right?

So message us today to learn more on how to start your own PCoffee Business!

Help other people while earning.

We will help you and guide you.

Message us here:


Coach Barbie

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