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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Why do you Get Cravings when dieting? The brain regions responsible for memory, pleasure, and reward play a role in food cravings. An imbalance of hormones, such as leptin and serotonin, could also lead to food cravings. Cravings also involve the appetite centers of the brain, even though they tend to be separate from hunger.

Do you crave food like these?-high in sugar, fats and carbohydrates — such as pizza, chocolate, cake, chips and ice cream etc.. Cravings can derail your efforts at weight control and may lead to binge eating, but you can learn how to manage them and stay on course with these tips...

  1. Enjoy a small portion. In your overall healthy diet, it is very important to portion your meals. Check with the Balance Nutrition Plate.

  2. Eat something healthy first. Fresh and natural food is still the best option. Take note that It's often easier to eat less of the food you're craving if you're not totally hungry.

  3. Keep the food you crave out of the house. Buy the item only when you plan to eat it. In order to plan your meals you should have a Recipe Book and PN guide for healthy food choices.

  4. Change your mental picture. When you experience a craving, replace the image of the food with a picture of yourself doing your favorite activity or some other pleasant image.

  5. Distract yourself. Food cravings usually pass after 20 minutes. Try taking a walk or talking to a friend. You should enroll in one-on-one coaching session today for FREE!

  6. Chew gum. Chewing sugarless gum reduces hunger and cravings for sweet and salty snacks.

  7. Get enough sleep and exercise. These habits help lower your levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Lack of sleep can lead to food cravings and overeating. Download October Calendar now foryour work out.

  8. Substitute a healthier option. Satisfy your craving for something smooth. You should have a provita shape in shake! You can have it as your healthy meal replacement.

Don't let a sweet tooth or craving prevent you from reaching your goals... Experiment to see which strategies work best for you so that you can control your cravings... And of course Enroll in one-on-one Coaching session for FREE! Be guided the right way and get your 30 Healthy Recipes today! You should have PN Guide and Recipe Book too!

Together let's beat our cravings! Message us! Sign up!

"Untill you get your Nutrition Right, Nothing is going to Change"

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