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If you come out of your Doctor’s office feeling frustrated and confused,then this is for you .

This is are some questions that you can ask to your doctor :

This is from the Book of LARA BRIDEN . For Period Repair Manual.

Its really helpful for me and I will share it you .

No periods or irregular periods

  1. Im not sure , Im eating enough. Could that be why im not getting periods?

  2. I feel quite anxious about food , and think I might have an eating dis order . Can you help me ?

  3. Have I been screened for celiac disease? Ive heard that can cause amenorrhea.

  4. Have been tested for thyroid disease?What is my actual TSH reading? Ive heard it should ideally be less than 3 .

  5. Have I been tested for high prolactin ?

  6. Could one of my medications be stoping my period?

  7. Im vegetarian. Can you check my levels of iron,zinc and vitamin b 12 .

  8. Is there any chance Im in menopause ? Have you checked my FSH ?

  9. What is my actual diagnosis ? Is it PCOS ? Is it hypothalamic amenorrhea?

YOUR told you have PCOS

  1. Was this diagnosis based solely on my ultrasound? I understand that PCOS cannot be diagnosed that way ?

  2. My symptoms are only since I came off the pill . I never had this problem before . Is it possible its just a post-pill adjustment and might get better on its own ?

  3. Do I have insulin resistance?I understand it cannot be diagnosed by a glucose test. Can u please test me for ‘’Fasting insulin”or a glucose tolerance test with insulin”?

  4. Do I have elevated testosterone or an other androgen such as androsteronediaone or DHEAS

  5. Have u ruled out condition called adrenal hyperlashia?

  6. DO I have elevated LH ?

  7. Can u Check me for deficiency of zinc and Vitamin D?

  8. Can you please my progesterone ? I want to see if I ovulated .(Remember, a progesterone test must be timed to be one week after ovulation or one week before your next expected period.)

  9. I know I used to have PCOS, but everything is fine now. My periods are coming regularly, and I have no symptoms. I don’t think I meet the diagnostic criteria anymore.

Hair loss

1.Have I been tested for thyroid? What is my actual TSH reading? I’ve heard it should be less than 3.

2. Have I been tested for iron? What is my actual ferritin reading? I’ve heard it should ideally be greater than 50 ng/mL.

3.Have I been tested for celiac disease? Could my hormonal birth control be causing my hair loss? (Your doctor may mistakenly say “no” to this one. Ask her to look it up.)

4.My hair loss started a few months after _________. Could that be the cause?

You discover you’re not ovulating

1.I’m having periods, but I don’t think I’m ovulating. I think they’re called anovulatory cycles.

2.Could you check this by testing my progesterone? (Remember, a progesterone test must be timed to be about one week after ovulation or one week before your next expected period.)

3.Do you think I could have PCOS? Can you test my insulin and testosterone?

4.Can you please test my thyroid?

I hope this will help us .

The Book of Lara Biden ,For Period Manual is really helpful ..

For more tips and questions .

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