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How Yoga Changed My Life

I just want to share my experience on how PCOS Yoga helps me in everyday living.

Every night, I’ve been taking a few minutes to jot down what I’m thankful for, and I’ve realized that my yoga practice has come up a lot. Every day that I practice yoga, I feel the need to express my gratitude for this new discovery that has changed my life.

I used to be cardio and weight-training obsessed, and I found yoga boring. It wasn’t enough exercise. I couldn’t fathom how people could waste one hour of their day, or more, just stretching, and even worse, just sitting cross-legged doing absolutely nothing.

I had one hour in my day to exercise, and there was no way I was going to spend it on something that didn’t make me sweat!

I started doing a deep dive into my health, and I found that what I needed was to slow down and de-stress more than anything else.

I had digestive issues among other things, and it finally dawned on me that even though I thought I was doing everything right to be healthy, nothing would change until I learned strategies to just relax, get enough rest, and be more present with myself.

Yoga, Meditation, and Overall Happiness

So I decided to give yoga another shot, seeing it as a spiritual practice and a way to learn meditation and mindfulness, rather than physical activity. And it has done wonders! I can say without a doubt that I have seen a huge improvement in all aspects of my life since I started practicing yoga.

Yoga then led me to meditation, and with both my meditation and yoga practice, I have become more relaxed and present at the moment.

I feel more confident and happier overall (as you learn to really appreciate and value what you have, instead of stressing about what you don’t have).

A New Routine for Life

Now, yoga has become both a spiritual routine for me and, honestly, a great workout as well. My body has become a lot stronger and more toned since I started practicing yoga.

Despite all the years doing countless weight-training and total body conditioning classes, week after week, I never got toned as I have with yoga!

After just months of yoga, I started noticing a huge difference in my arms, shoulders, and upper back. I’m loving it, and therefore loving yoga all that much more. Plus, it’s also hugely improved my balance.

So if you want to de-stress and become more grounded, light-spirited, balanced, and get defined muscles, give yoga a shot! Just be patient and try different teachers until you find the ones you like.

Each class and each teacher is different, but I promise you that there is a class out there that you will enjoy. And then, soon enough, you will become a complete yogi like me.

So I invite you to join us every Saturday on our PCOS YOGA CLASS.

Experience the calmness and relaxation it can give to your body.

See you on the mat sis!


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