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"It will hurt, it will take time and requires so much sacrifice, yes there's a lot of temptation. But I promise you when you reach your goal, it's WORTH IT!" A great day mga sis! I'm Tine Llegue and I just want to share my story and I hope it will inspire you... I was diagnosed na may PCOS since 2018, I didn't have my period for a year. Grabe din ang hairfall ko. It was never easy for me. Ang hirap not having a period for a year, napaka moody ko and ambigat lagi ng pakiramdam. Madalas rin ako ma depress before. I am so much thankful at nakilala ko si Coach Barbie. I was so inspired sa story nya and sobrang na amazed ako sa dami ng mga kababaihang may PCOS at nagpapapayat na natulungan nya. Buti na lang napadaan sa news feed ko 🙏 and so, I decided na magjoin agad with no hesitations.

Sharing you my experience taking Provita Probiotics. I felt so good super gaan ng feeling ko unlike before ang bigat ng katawan ko. In 5 days of taking probiotics nagkaperiod ako after more than a year na wala! ang daming lumabas na dugo sakin super ginhawa sa pakiramdam. Nag dry rin ang hormonal pimples ko!

And one thing more sis, in almost a month sis pumayat naman ako! From 70kg to 66kg! Super legit sis!

Pag naubos ko na po yung complete package ko po, mag avail ulit ako. I so love the effect sis!

Thank you Coach Barbie and Proweightloss Program!!! Sa walang sawang pag guide sakin! It started sa mga food intake ko at daily routine. I've learned to manage well my lifestyle into more healthier one!

I encourage you sis to join Now! I know it's hard, I've been there sis... AND NO IT ISN'T EASY, BUT YES! IT'S POSSIBLE! You can do it sis! Fighting! Love lots, 💚 Tine

"Weightloss is Hard Work not Magic"

We are here for you sis! Don't know how to start? Message Me!

Know What is Probiotics for Women

Get your 30 Healthy Recipes and PN Guide Today to be Guided the right Way!!! Download your FREE October Calendar! How to get rid of back fat?

Love 💚 Proweightloss Program

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