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I want to share with you my story sis. I am Elvie Dumayaca from Quezon City. I was irregular period po. Two months before mag mens, asthmatic at may backproblem.

I joined Proweightloss Program and from September 29 na nagstart po ako magtake ng Provita Probiotics untill October 21... 4 kilos po na bawas sa timbang ko!

From 69kg now im 65kg nalang po! Sinunod ko po diary na mga food to eat and to avoid plus Pcoffee po twice a day!

So happy im losing pounds napo talaga.... From XL shirt down to large or medium! I'm so happy po...Thanks provita! 🙏

Thanks Coach Barbie and Proweightloss Program! Love 💗 Elvie


Hi sis Elvie! We are so happy sa progress mo po! Goal natin sa 2nd bottle mo sis, small na yan! ung magcrop top tayo sis!👊💪🙏 Excited ako sis! Continue mo lang sis ang pagtake ng Provita Probiotics! Love you sis! Love 💗 Coach Barbie of Proweightloss Program

"Happiness is Fitting into a Dress after Losing Weight"

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