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Improving Infertility with Probiotics

Have you been trying?

There are many factors that affect fertility, and one of them is the health of the vaginal microbiome. Here is what we know so far about the connection between the microbiome and fertility and how probiotics improve fertility:

Probiotics may restore the composition of the gut microbiome and introduce beneficial functions to gut microbial communities, resulting in amelioration or prevention of gut inflammation and other intestinal or systemic disease phenotypes.

Probiotics can help with fertility by keeping the gut and vaginal microbiomes at healthy levels.

It's part of a multi-faceted approach to overall health, which acts as an umbrella over various sub-systems that directly relate to fertility – bodyweight & metabolism, a healthy vaginal mucosa, pH & sperm motility, and improved immune and inflammatory response, and regular ovulation.

When we add all of these things up, we put the female body in the best possible place for fertilization and pregnancy.


Some say, "if it's for you, it will be given" ...

It will be, but like everythingelse in this world, work hard for it.

Taking good care of your boby is part of your responsibility. Keeping it healthy inside and out is a way for you to help it function at its best.

You may not have control over what life throws you.. but you can! When you have taken steps to care of your body. You'll be better.

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