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In-loved with Junkfoods?

When your comfort becomes your pain..

I crave for it! It excites me every time.. I just love junkfoods!

We all do, right?

Makes me wonder.. why is it too easy to fall in-love with junkfoods?

It's typically high in things like salt, sugar and fat. They trigger pleasure centers in our brains, making us feel oh-so-yummy-good and making us want to keep eating. See, our brains are relatively big. They require a lot of energy to do their thing.

So, we evolved to love high-energy food.

So, despite knowing it's not good for us -- eating it is linked with things like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer -- junk food can be really hard to resist.

Something we really need to think about.

Let’s start as soon as we can, that’s the real comfort.

Comfort is when you start loving yourself, and loving yourself includes keeping it healthy, keeping it healthy is what food we intake provides, so let’s start eating healthy and find comfort knowing that we are taking good care of ourselves.

Sign up!

"How soon is NOW?"

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