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Hi Sis!

I would like to thank and congratulate all of those who join and participate in our challenge.

Just simply stay active and follow our website If you want more challenges to be fit and healthy.

I will share to you one of amazing stories that motivate me to create another challenge.

Meet Majoy one of the JumpStart Challenge finishers.

Her problem was her big belly fats, which become her struggles and hindrance she thinks that she can't wear anything, and as a teenager, she wants to wear comfortably and nicely. Her number 1 struggle is to motivate her self how to be consistent in losing weight.

Then she saw me on TikTok giving tips and encouragement about PCOS and OBesity.

She messages me directly and joins the JANUARY JUMPSTART CHALLENGE.

DAy by DAY she checked and update her Jumpstart Challenge.

She downloads in her Cellphone. ( see how convenient our calendar challenge monthly )



Amazing Transformation isn't it ??

So if you think you can't do it. don't stop because we are here to help you with health and weight problems.

JOIN our February calendar challenge. It's never too late to start.

Sign up on our website to get more of these freebies.


Coach Barbie

You can also get our FREE PCOS NUTRITION GUIDE.

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