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Less Caffeine, Less PMS

Do you rely on coffee to kickstart your day?

It might be worth considering how caffeine affects your PMS symptoms.

Here's a simple guide to understand the link and how cutting back on caffeine could help.

How Caffeine Impacts PMS

  1. More Irritability: Caffeine can make you feel more irritable and anxious, which are common PMS symptoms.

  2. Increased Breast Tenderness: Caffeine might make your breasts feel more tender and uncomfortable before your period.

  3. Sleep Troubles: Too much caffeine can mess with your sleep, making you feel more tired and worsening PMS fatigue.

  4. Mood Swings: Caffeine can make your mood swings more intense during PMS.

Benefits of Less Caffeine

  1. Better Sleep: Less caffeine can help you sleep better, reducing fatigue and improving your mood.

  2. Less Anxiety and Irritability: Cutting back on caffeine can lead to fewer feelings of anxiety and irritability.

  3. Reduced Breast Tenderness: Lowering your caffeine intake might make your breasts feel less tender during PMS.

  4. Steadier Mood: Managing your caffeine intake can lead to more stable moods throughout your menstrual cycle.


While it's okay to enjoy your daily coffee, being mindful of your caffeine intake could lead to a smoother PMS experience.

Consider switching to a healthier option like our PROVITA PCOFFEE Rice Coffee.

Making small changes can help reduce the intensity of your PMS symptoms and improve your overall well-being.

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