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Let's Talk About Hormones in Simple Terms!

Hey PCOS champs! Today, we're diving into something interesting – HORMONES.

No need to grab a dictionary; we'll keep it simple. Imagine hormones as tiny messengers doing their thing in your body.

We're here to unravel their role in your WEIGHT-LOSS adventure.

Fun, right?

Insulin and Glucose

First up, say hello to Insulin and Glucose – they're like traffic controllers inside you. Insulin helps energy (aka glucose) get into your cells.

But with PCOS, they might get a bit mixed up, causing some traffic jams.

Result? Unwanted pounds might decide to crash the party.

Cortisol – The Stress Buddy

Ever heard of cortisol? It's like your stress buddy, showing up when things get a bit crazy.

But too much stress means too much cortisol, messing up your weight-loss plans.

It's like your calm buddy turning into a bit of a troublemaker. Time for some chill breaks!

Estrogen and Progesterone

Now, meet Estrogen and Progesterone – the balancing duo. Usually, they're in sync, but PCOS can stir things up.

This affects how your body handles fat and weight. It's like a dance routine that needs a bit of coordination, and we've got your back!

Leptin and Ghrelin

Next, Leptin and Ghrelin – the appetite team. Leptin says when you're full, and Ghrelin signals when it's time to eat.

In PCOS, they might chat a bit too much at the wrong times. But no stress, mindful eating is your secret weapon!

We've Got Your Back!

Remember, your weight-loss journey is unique, and we're here to support you.

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Plus, don't forget about PROVITA Probiotics – they're like the friendly helpers keeping your gut happy and healthy, an essential part of your wellness journey.


And that's the hormone story in the PCOS weight-loss world. It's like managing a fantastic team – understanding each player's role and finding the right balance.

So, groove with your hormones, enjoy the journey, and remember, you're the superhero in this story!

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