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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

''I am a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common hormone disorder in women. I was diagnosed in my late 30's after I missed a period and went to my OB in a panic. The doctor ran tests, took my history, and did a transvaginal ultrasound.

She diagnosed me with PCOS and told me to come back to see her when I wanted to conceive, and not to worry about irregular periods because “lots of women would love not to have their periods.”

Afterward, my Ob told me to lose weight because it will be a big help.

After doing research, I found out that I had been experiencing PCOS symptoms such as hair loss and weight gain. Looking back at my history, I found that there were many missed opportunities for an earlier diagnosis, but due to my own lack of awareness about PCOS, I was diagnosed late after the onset of symptoms.

So, my weight loss journey begins

I had tried a lot of weight loss products just to follow the one thing I know that can help me on my PCOS – to lose weight. But I almost gave up. I failed.

Luckily someone caught my attention on social media.

Her weight loss and PCOS story inspired me a lot. From the way she shared to us her weight loss journey and how she fought PCOS.

Little did I know, I joined her program and availed the PCOS PACKAGE.

In Proweightloss Program, I met the one who inspired me… COACH BARBIE.

She let me joined her program and also encourage me to take PROVITA PROBIOTICS which really helped me a lot during my weight loss journey and in fighting PCOS.

She also gave me free nutrition guides and tips which are one thing I really thanked them for.

Battling PCOS alone is hard. But after joining the program, I felt relief and the strength to continue and achieve my goal.

After months of joining. . I am proud to say that I AM PCOS FREE NOW and CERTIFIED PROVITA USER!!

Swipe the slide 👆

If I can do it, if Coach Barbie can do it… you can too.

Let’s inspire and help more women fight PCOS.

We are not alone. Let’s support each other.

And I personally encourage you also to message Coach Barbie and to join the Proweightloss Program.

I am Sis Terese, from 86 kg with PCOS ... now 55 kg and PCOS FREE 🙂❤


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