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You are aware of the effects of smoking on your bodies especially SECONDHAND SMOKE which contains more than 7,000 chemicals - 250 of these are known to be harmful, and at least 70 cause cancer. Owing to that fact you try to avoid smokers to protect yourself and your family. However, one of your loved ones is smoking. Do you know how to talk to them?

Your attitude and opinions about smoking will affect their perspective on you talking to them to lessen and or quit smoking.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Set rules and expectations

You don't need to confiscate their cigarette and lighter or vape and juice. Let them have a space where they can only smoke.

2. Talk to them Respectfully

Respect begets respect. One of the aspects is Politeness which always helps build relationships. Rather than confronting them, speak to them in a respectful tone.

Try to say something like:

"May I ask a favor of you? Will you refrain from smoking right now? Everyone's health is important to me. I appreciate it."

Avoid saying:

"Hey! Stop smoking your silently bringing us diseases. You should be ashamed of yourself."

3. Talk about the risks of tobacco and be empathetic

When trying to explain the health risks of smoking you need to be careful with your words when you try to ask them to quit.

Try to say something like:

"I have heard my friends trying to quit smoking and it was hard for them to fight their cigarette cravings, but do you know they were able to overcome it by...."

Avoid saying:

"That's why stop buying cigarettes for you to stop smoking. So you will now be tempted.

4. Offer Support

If the chance arises, assist your loved ones in locating the resources they require to quit. Tell them about Proweightloss Program's free services, and help them quit smoking the right way.

Tell your loved ones this:

"Everyone quits at their own pace, and you don’t have to do it alone. Many have successfully quit smoking so do you!"


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