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Meet Coach Barbie!

The essence of a woman, who rises up beyond stereotype, is personified with “Coach Barbie” who started a flourishing company about four years ago. Proweightloss Program was not born in a silver spoon, as she herself was not affluent. She had to go through a lot of trials and challenges. These circumstances, including some discouragements from the people who barely knew her, however, never became a defining factor for her fail. Instead, with a vision of improving herself, she managed to rise up and build herself through persistence, knowledge and hardwork.

Self-esteem, as often manifested in the body figure of every woman was the battleground. Coach Barbie was then “Fat Barbie ” or “Barney”. Her self-esteem seemed to be dependent on her body weight and thus affect her perspective in life. People pushed hard to her limits that led her to even quit school, because she doesn’t seem to belong. That was the

toughest moment of a young lady struggling to better herself, not so much for the appreciation of others but to boost herself. From there, she rose up. There seemed to a metanoia in her system. She conditioned her mind that she simply could not let other people look down to her. She had to prove something. That fresh and positive perspective in life paved the way to a long journey of life and her success. She made herself queen in her self-built palace—her self-confidence with a new vision of loving and taking care of herself inside and out.

The first thing that she did was to cleanse her mind of negative thoughts. Filled her mind and spirit with love, joy, determination and hope for a better future. With her faith in God, she found her peace—the peace that would lead her to more positivity. From this inner peace, came the vision of manifesting her inside transformation by taking good care of her body. She envisioned herself as a healthy woman that showcases how the body represents what the mind contains. Of course, with positive mind comes positive body figure and health.

The journey then started. She gained knowledge and skills both in fitness and nutrition. Garnering the necessary knowledge and skills, and driven by the desire to build her own (Weightloss Program), She started to take a leap of faith—and started her own. With herself as a living testimony, Coach Barbie was able to attract both men and women and supporters to be with her in her journey for a healthier lifestyle and a leaner body. Her transformation from a low-confident, obese woman to an astonishing weightloss ambassador, nutrition coach has shown the antagonists of her vision the power of determination, skills, and knowledge to transcend beyond what is. She is now confident and spreading the positive vibes of her lifestyle to all aspiring men and women to have a healthy life. Nothing beats a life testimony! As of today, numerous testimonies from those who followed the footsteps of her have spread in the social media and are reaching and catching the interest of people seeking for transformation of their body that will also transform their perspective in life, especially in building their self-confidence. Indeed, human potential is overwhelming; it just takes a leap of faith coupled with work to reach any dream conceivable.

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