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My Breastfeeding Weight Loss Story

What does it really take to lose those pregnancy pounds?

Real moms fess up about how long it takes, what works and what doesn't, and their best advice to help you slim down too.

Breastfeeding weight loss is possible. This may sound crazy but since January 2021 I have lost 83.6 lbs. What did I do? Nothing fancy. No special Keto diet or anything.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t it. I’m no doctor, but a nutritionist who can also share her own story and experience. This is simply my story about goal setting and how small changes can have larger long-term effects.

How to Set and Achieve Goals for Weight Loss

My big goal is actually 94lbs in a year. But really that’s just a number, what I was looking for was more satisfaction with myself and being able to set a good example for all women trying to lose weight while breastfeeding.

I can honestly say I’ve already accomplished it because I feel better about myself and my eating habits. So even if I maintained where I am I can be happy with myself. I am so proud of myself as I was able to buy new jeans that were a size down from where I have always been.

It isn't really hard to lose weight while breastfeeding as long as you know these things:

  • How are you going to start your weight loss journey?

  • What to eat and not to eat

  • What to do while in the process of losing weight

  • If there is someone who can guide and support you

What did I Do to Lose such a Great Weight - 83.6 lbs?

While I was pregnant, I asked personally my Ob Gyne if I can surely take Provita Probiotics as my daily supplement. Upon checking its contents and components SHE AGREED as this ALSO MAY HELP ME AND MY BABY BOOST OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM she said.

After giving birth, I stilll continued taking Provita Probiotics early in the morning before my breakfast and also before bedtime. Provita also helped me to produce more milk to the point that I even donated some to hospitals.

I feel energized as if I dint gave birth through a caesarian section! LOL!

Kidding aside. While taking Provita, I also created my food list which in turn became the MEAL PLAN now I am giving FOR FREE to all Bf Moms who joined the Proweightloss Program.

Also, it wasn't hard for me to choose the foods I want to cook because of our RECIPE BOOK which contains hundreds of recipes that are so healthy and delicious. I prepared it for myself and also for my husband who supported me along the way.

Another tip for you sis, always and never forget to write your thoughts, feeling, and the foods you ate in your Proweightloss Diary. This may help you also assess your routine that day and also serves as a little reminder of your goal.

Did I undergo intense exercises? NO!

As I gave birth through CS, intense exercise was so hard for me to do.

I just go for a walk and jog for about 20-40 mins a day and also, I never forgot my hobby which is to swim.

One thing that also helped me through my weight loss journey - doing yoga.

It helps me balance my state of mind as a mother, a nutrition coach at the same time as a wife. I had a lot of things to do in a day, so it is really important for me to strengthen my mental health at the same time my body.

Also, if you wanted to lose weight those excess belly fats, wearing a slim belt might also help you a lot. Based on my experience, this gives me the sweat I need around my waist that helps me burn my fats aside from doing some exercises. It also helps me have a good posture. I always wear it outside my clothes for 8 hours.

Summing it up.

Weight loss during breastfeeding is really an enjoyable process for me, most especially when I see my baby growing up having a strong immune system while I was taking Provita Probiotics and while coaching and inspiring other people to lose weight.

And if you really wanted to be guided properly, Proweightloss Program and I are ready to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

All you need to do is to message us, what you wanted to do and achieve and we will let you know how can we help you.

I'm so excited to guide you sis!

I am Coach Barbie of Proweightloss Program. From 193.6 kg breastfeeding mom, PCOS fighter.

Now 110 lbs only.

Now I am ready to help you and share with you what I did to achieve my goal weight.

And if you know someone or you have a friend having hard time losing weight after pregnancy,share this story . It might be a BIG HELP for them.

Just message me, sis ❤


Coach Barbie

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