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My Fight Against Endometrial Hyperplasia

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Hi sis! ❤

I just want to share my story on how I beat ENDOMETRIAL HYPERPLASIA and also how I beat CANCER.

These 2 conditions gave me a hard time. I was stressed and depressed too much especially and I was away from my family, and I had nothing to sympathize with.

I was fighting alone with this condition that only I know and feel.

I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, a disease of the uterus/vagina of our women in which the lining of my uterus became thick. Because of this, I don't use a napkin for my period, instead, I used a diaper just so I can't get through… TOO MCUH BLOOD CAME OUT OF ME.

Last March 10, 2021, I was confirmed to have Endometrial Hyperplasia and the Doctor told Me I will undergo Endometrial BIOPSY for a Histopathology test to confirm if this is ENDOMETRIAL CANCER. It doesn’t sink into my brain. I was stunned too much. I just cried in response to what I heard.

I was confined at the hospital and attended all the tests that I need.

Sometimes there are people who are really hard to comprehend especially in work matters. But still, I'm still fighting and my husband always tells me not to think too much and stress myself, but while waiting for the result I'm bleeding more and more my stomach hurts, not even someone around me knew what I was going through.

Till such time, someone went through my FB account a, successful story of someone with PCOS.

I message her immediately and there I met Coach Barbie.

I would like to try and join the Proweightlosss but my medicines kept me hesitant. I asked her if it's ok to take probiotics at the same time as my meds, she said yes.

Then I definitely joined Coach Barbie’s Proweightloss Program.

With god's miracle, my bleeding now slowly turning to white blood and normal one. I used to wear pampers, napkins over and over again, now it's just panty liner ...

Everything is possible with god! 🙏🙏

Also, I won't brag about my story if I don't know that has been a big help to me. the Probiotics and the Proweightloss Program recommended to me by Coach Barbie.

NOW IM CANCER FREE! No More heavy bleedings!

The result of joining the Proweightloss Program.

They teach me the right way to take good care of my body. They teach me how to love my body.

So, sis if you are reading this. If you are going through something as I went through…. I know for sure you can also get through it all.

Message my Coach, let's talk. Share your story with me.

I am LingLlana, diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia, now CANCER FREE and FREE of my CONDITION


If sis Ling can fight her condition, you can too. I am here with the Proweightloss Program to help you and to guide you properly. All you need to do is message me today. I am ready 24hrs to help you.


Coach Barbie ❤

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