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Normal Menstrual Days- Do I have?

Which of these two statements are you currently experiencing:

"It's like my Period just came last week and now I have it again?"

"Why am I skipping my monthly period?"

Do you remember the time you had your first period? Back then you even hate it to the point you wish to be a man instead. Kidding aside, in our early years experiencing red days we did not think that it affects our health. Not until we had PCOS, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, cancer, or more.

Haven't been diagnosed with any diseases? Well, that's good news, however, you should start taking note of your period to check if you need to have a trip to your doctor. Don't wait to feel something and spend a fortune on your doctor. You will realize how cheap is preventing until you are hospitalized do you want that?

How should I know if I have a normal period?

First of all, as the saying goes, each of us is unique and also applies to our period. Each woman has their period cycle since the body prepares for the possibility of getting pregnant. What you need to consider when you track your menstruation is the day you started your period to the first day of the next. Your menstrual flow possibly happens every 21- 35 days and the period can last three to seven days. Take note of the end date, flow( heaviness & blood clot), pain, and other events (mood or behavior). By keeping a record of your period for 3-4 months you can get to know what's normal for you.

If you have been tracking your period lately and are worried about it consult your doctor or you can talk to us!


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