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Obesity: Beyond Choice, It's A Disease

Obesity isn't merely a choice; it's a pressing health matter demanding recognition. The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) advocates viewing obesity as a medical condition, not just personal decisions.

The RCP emphasizes that overlooking obesity's disease aspect hampers health. Acknowledging obesity as a health concern shapes more effective prevention and treatment strategies.

This perspective fights obesity stigma. Genetics, society, and disparities matter, says the RCP. Understanding this fosters a kinder environment for those grappling with obesity.

Professor Andrew Goddard, RCP's President, underlines governments' role. They can influence food environments, impose taxes on unhealthy items, and boost access to wellness options. Public spaces and health campaigns can also promote physical activity.

Obesity's prevalence is increasing. Many struggle with it. Treating it as a disease forms better health plans and a more supportive society. Let's reshape how we view obesity. Joining hands to treat it as a disease propels a healthier future.

Through PCOS30, we rewrite the obesity narrative. Hope guides us toward a brighter, healthier tomorrow for all.

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1) Obesity must ‘urgently’ be recognised as a disease, say doctors

2) Professor Andrew Goddard, President of Royal College of Physician


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