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PCOFFEE: Benefits for PCOS and Why We Need to Drink It?

Do you know about roasted rice and soya coffee? Rice and soya coffee might be your first time hearing it, and it may not be your cup of coffee, but did you know that rice coffee is healthier than your regular coffee beans?

Yes, that is right, this coffee is healthy, and it's very beneficial to those who suffer from PCOS and its symptoms.

And as we all know, Proweightloss Program gives you the best products you need to manage your PCOS symptoms.

Our newest product may help you ease and manage your

PCOS symptoms and other health-related problems: PCOFFEE.

PCoffee is made up of roasted rice and soya which is a great combination if you wanted a healthy and delicious coffee in the morning.

- All Natural and No Preservative Added

- Plus, it’s Caffeine Free!!

Filipinos usually have this as their morning brew instead of coffee, one of the reasons is because it is cheaper than coffee beans, and it can be drunk by children.

Benefits of Roasted Rice and Soya

PCoffee doesn’t cause acid reflux that is why it is pleasant to the stomach, is gluten-free, and has a very low-calorie hit.

  • Provides strong antioxidants

  • Detoxifies system

  • Cleanse’s blood

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Provides a calming effect

  • Easy to digest

  • Improve bowel movement

  • Provides phytic acid, which prevents colon cancer

  • improves digestion and may help us lose body fats

And the best part of this, roasted rice and soya coffee are also very beneficial if we have PCOS as it is caffeine-free and also may help us to balance the hormones of our body.

Why do we need to drink Roasted Rice and Soya Coffee?

Drinking PCoffee is best in the morning as your body will reap all the benefits it may give. Since it is caffeine-free, it cannot spike up your stress hormones which can worsen your PCOS symptoms.

Also, the taste and aroma it provides give you satisfaction with your morning coffee cravings.

And if you are also aiming to lose weight, rice coffee may also lessen your rice cravings and it may help increase your metabolic process and aid digestion.

So instead of drinking your caffeinated coffee, turn it into a non-caffeinated one today.

Drink your PCOFFEE today!


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