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PCOS Treatment

PCOS is often misdiagnosed as it will take a lot of time and need more than one laboratory test to diagnose and monitor.

There are many misconceptions about PCOS itself causing misunderstood and mistreatment.

And living life with PCOS is like these:

1. Spending all day sleepy and when going to bed wide awake.

2. One minute feeling like you are alright, then next having an emotional breakdown.

3. Being fat-shamed by others when you starve yourself to think you could lose weight.

4. Having no period for months or years and friends telling you how lucky you are.

5. When you're told to "just don't think about food" when literally the only thing you can think about is... Food.

6. Sugar cravings, people without PCOS have no idea how extreme they can be.

7. Most of your clothing fits you then suddenly not.

8. You have almost tried all diets, slimming pills, and exercises but you have not lost weight.

10. Almost all people around you new or old tell you how much you should eat even if you haven't asked them.

11. Restricting yourself from all your favorite foods even though you're not even losing weight.

12. Waking up more tired than when you went to bed.

Trust me, I've been there! Battling PCOS is not easy and I know you are trying your hardest. However, your PCOS seems to control you.

Through my experience as a Certified PCOS Fighter, I've learned that we need to LISTEN to our body and DO what it's like.

But the problem is we don't really know exactly what it is because we are confused about WHAT SHOULD WE REALLY EAT, TAKE & DO.

What we need is to take supplements, find the right diet, and change our lifestyle for the betterment of our PCOS.

The First Step you need to do is write down your PCOS Symptoms and let's get to know what is your PCOS type by then we can treat the root cause of your PCOS. Why is this important? Knowing this will help you cope and reverse your PCOS. Because you will be able to find the right resources that will suit you!

For example, knowing that you always crave even after you just eat could mean that you have insulin resistance. This type of information will help you look at what foods you should eat and avoid. You can get PN Guide from Proweightloss Program for a list of foods, proper portioning, and more.

Listen, I know you have been on a lot of diets, pills, and exercises. as a CERTIFIED PCOS FIGHTER, you can reverse your PCOS! And I have helped and witnessed several women winning the BATTLE against PCOS.

You can take control of your PCOS Today!


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