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Restart Your Diet..STOP YOUR DAY ONE!

Restarting a diet is a process that restores your energy and health through well-balanced nutrition and healthy habits.

Do u experience this?

Today , you are so motivated and inspired to lose weight , you call it " today is my Day One " . Then suddenly tomorrow , you feel something different .You are not motivated , you feel that you are comfortable in your own body and you forget your "Day 2" .The next day you will feel guilty and you want to start again . But you have the same cycle , feeling the same thing all over again . You are now still in your Day 1 after planning to lose weight 2 years ago .

Here are 6 ways on how to restart your diet and how to keep going:

Use a Restart Plan to Kick-Start Healthy Habits


What is Pn Guide :

It is a customized meal plan based on your body's diet and needs. You will Learn how to lose weight the healthy way with the right meal guide for you and contains day to day meal for your complete weightloss journey.

Drink More Water

Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue. Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. It also improves skin complexion, aids in digestion, preventing constipation and normalizing blood pressure.

Avoid the Sweet Stuff

That means staying away from processed sweets, including all the white refined foods that elevate the blood sugar levels and increase cravings and appetite. Eating these refined foods perpetuates cravings and makes it impossible to stay focused on healthy eating.

Eat the Rainbow

All you need to do is add more colourful plant foods to your meals. You just need to include some vibrant fruit and veggies in your weekly diet.

Prepare Beforehand- keep a diary

If you restart your diet or simply deciding on what healthy meals and snacks you will enjoy all week, it’s good to start with a plan. You should have a diary. It is important to log in your daily food to keep you on track.

Let Go of Guilt

Guilt and making yourself feel bad does nothing to improve your success and well-being. A positive vision of yourself and self-love are the most important steps forward in the quest for good health.

Remember: No one is perfect but working towards your own personal health vision can be the best place to start. Imagine yourself happy and healthy every day for success.

Enroll in One on One Coaching Today!

Having a support daily to teach you how to portion your meals, suggest healthy options of food that should be in your list and teach you how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Proweightloss Program is here to HELP! Partnered with the perfect and handy guide , healthy recipes and meal plan; your weight loss essentials will be complete!

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