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Sis Kinverly Villalobos - The Finisher of PCOS30 Program's 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to our testimonial blog! Today, we're excited to share the inspiring story of Sis Kinverly Villalobos, who achieved remarkable results in the PCOS30 Program's 30-day challenge. Through commitment, support from Coach Barbie, and using PROVITA Probiotics, Kinverly successfully lost 3kg. Let's explore her transformative journey!

Sis Kinverly's Transformation

Sis Kinverly started the PCOS30 Program weighing 58kg and accomplished an impressive weight loss of 3kg, reaching 55kg. Her dedication and following the program's guidelines, particularly avoiding rice for 30 days, played a significant role in her progress. Kinverly's achievement shows that with determination, sustainable changes are possible.

Gratitude for Coach Barbie and PROVITA Probiotics

Sis Kinverly expresses her gratitude to Coach Barbie for her guidance and support throughout the program. She also recognizes the positive impact of using PROVITA Probiotics on her weight loss journey and overall well-being.

Celebrating Success

Sis Kinverly happily shares, "Hurray! I completed the 30-day challenge so quickly! Thank you for the food options. I made it through! Yay!" Her enthusiasm reflects the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction she felt upon completing the challenge.

Looking Ahead

With Round 1 successfully completed, Kinverly is motivated to continue with Round 2 of the PCOS30 Program. Her progress in the first phase fuels her determination to keep going and achieve further success.


Sis Kinverly Villalobos' success story is an inspiration for individuals with PCOS. Through her commitment to the PCOS30 Program, she achieved a significant weight loss of 3kg. Kinverly's dedication, along with the support from Coach Barbie and using PROVITA Probiotics, propelled her towards tangible results. Her story highlights the potential for positive change and encourages others to pursue their health goals. Stay tuned for more inspiring testimonials from individuals who have embraced various health and wellness programs.

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