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Strive for Progress not Perfection!

When you focus too much on perfection, you start worrying at every step. Your focus shifts to the possible criticism and failure. Then, you become the roadblock of your own progress; but if you strive for progress you start to succeed faster.

Meet our sissy's testimonies for the day! She is Camille Galang, 27 year old and a PCOS Fighter from Caloocan City.


"Sissy I want to share this!🧡 Almost 2 months of drinking probiotics napansin ko sa poop ko parang may “sebo” di ko alam kung anong magandang term for that. And after ko mag poop ang gaan sa feeling and lalo na sa tummy. " Ang galing ng probiotics!

"Honestly di ako naging active sa pag exercise due to my work sobrang loaded at pagod na rin. Pero every Saturday and Sunday bumabawi ako ng exercise. And napansin ko din po every time after meal mag poop agad ako." Super thumbs up ako kay probiotics!

"Maganda din yung slimbelt! "

"After how many months of joining Proweightloss Program eto na ako ngayon! From 83kg to 79kg!! Slow progress pero may improvement! "

"Thank u kay Coach Barbie for inspiring me!! Thank you Provita and Proweightloss Program! "

Love, Cams

"You didn't gain your weight in one day; you won't lose it in one day; Be patient with yourself"

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