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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Is Your Gut Bacteria

The Secret to Your PCOS Weight Loss?

When it comes to discussing PCOS and gut health to my clients, I get some pretty interesting responses. Whenever I suggest that their gut bacteria (or yeast and other pathogens) might be the key to their weight loss, I’m often met with disbelief. The two things can’t be connected, can they? Weight loss is just about calories in and calories out, right?

Well, no. The gut is one of the most ignored organs of the body. We’ve only recently started to see studies linking dysregulated gut flora with a range of diseases and conditions. These range from obesity, diabetes, autism, and depression, to autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In fact, many experts believe that the study of gut bacteria in the 21st century will be what the study of antibiotics was in the 20th century.

PCOS and gut health: The microbiome

The microbiome is responsible for many different functions in the body, including 75% of our immune system, as well as the digestion and absorption of our food. We often think of bacteria as being something that’s bad. In reality, it’s too much of the wrong type of bacteria, or not enough good bacteria, that’s the problem.

When it comes to PCOS, studies have shown that women with PCOS have fewer good bacteria and more bad bacteria than normal. In this article, I’ll be focusing on the gut microbiome and explaining what you can do to improve yours.

Probiotics to Pcos

Probiotics don’t just help with your digestion and gut health. They can playTrusted Source an important role in treating PCOS. They can also reduce inflammation and regulate sex hormones like androgen and estrogen.

Consider taking probiotic supplements and eating probiotic foods, like kimchi and kombucha.

Summing it Up

I am by no means saying that probiotics are going to cure your PCOS or even make a huge difference on their own. But I do think that incorporating more probiotics into your PCOS diet could make a difference to your overall symptoms, as well as improve your mood and possibly even your fertility.

If you have dabbled in the world of fermented foods or probiotics, please get in touch and let me know! I’m always keen to hear about what you are doing to manage your PCOS.

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