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The Truth About Vaginal Health and PCOS: Must-Know Facts

Hey there PCOS Warrior!

Let’s dive into a topic that’s super important but often not talked about enough – vaginal health and PCOS.

Vaginal Health Basics

Your vagina is a self-cleaning wonder!

It naturally maintains a delicate balance of good bacteria and yeast.

But with PCOS, this balance can be disrupted, leading to infections or discomfort.

Impact of PCOS on Vaginal Health

PCOS can affect your hormones, which in turn can affect your vaginal health.

Imbalanced hormones can lead to changes in vaginal discharge, dryness, or increased risk of infections.

Managing Vaginal Health with PCOS

Simple steps like wearing breathable underwear, staying hydrated, and eating a balanced diet can help support your vaginal health.

Talking to Your Doctor

If you notice any changes in your vaginal health, it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider.

They can offer guidance and ensure everything is in check.


Your vaginal health matters, and knowing how PCOS can impact it is empowering.

By taking small steps to care for your vaginal health, you're taking control of your overall well-being.

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