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Weightloss Short Story: Meet Claudette From 92-69Kg

This is Claudette, who wanted to lose weight and conceive but her PCOS is a problem. At first, like you, she was hesitant to give her trust, as she was afraid of false hope. And now she is thankful!

Back then she was not being able to fit into the clothes she wanted because her waistline is gradually expanding.

While losing weight is difficult enough on its own, it's considerably more difficult when it crushes your confidence levels.

Let me show you her journey that would inspire you!

Joining Proweightloss Program taught her how to care for herself together by taking Provita Probiotics she was able to lose weight. There were times when her budget doesn't allow her to buy Provita Probiotics she still follows our free guides and talked to our coaching. She keeps reminding herself with this saying "Slow Progress is still a Progress, Patience is the Key".

As she continued her journey with us she was able to gain her confidence back. Witnessing her transformation herself still made her not believe but everyone around her does!

With the support of her partner and family, she stayed in touch with us. I remembered one time she sent a picture of her wearing the same clothes as she happily informed us that her blouse is already loose at the same time her waistline from 36-37 to 33-34 (Picture below at the left side). These changes fired her up to continue to achieve her goals lose weight and having a baby. After some months she gave us the news that she is already 69kls (Picture below at the right side). By her chats, you can sense she already loves herself the right way! Dating February 01, 2022, she announced to our Official Facebook Group that she is pregnant finally- she posted a video showcasing her pregnancy test as positive. (Join our group for your reference. )

Do you have PCOS as well? I don't know exactly what you are going through now but please don't give up on yourself! A brighter future is waiting for you, remember the people who love you.

Are you like her trying to lose weight and wanting to have a baby? Did you already get your FREE Fertility Booster Guide? Talk to us for more information our 24/7 Coaching is waiting for you!


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