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Why are you not LOSSING WEIGHT?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Know how to love your body and lose weight naturally . Read This!

Hi sis ,

I am Coach Barbie and i will tell you bakit ka nahihirapan kang pumayat. Hindi diet mo ang dahilan.

Remember that your body is perfect, ano man ang shape nito. And you have the power to choose kong anong gusto mong shape nito, big, or small you are still perfect.

So don't stress yourself thinking what other people thinks about u. Before I reached 42kg of body weight from 120kg. Dahil ang goal ko ay mag ka baby, kaya nag papayat ako ng husto and I am proud of my old self for doing that na achieve ko ung greatest goal ko ang mag kababy. After pregnancy I gained almost 43kg I became 88kg because of medications, hormones ,bedrest and all. And still I'm proud of my body.. Today I am 56kg I lose 32kg after pregnancy without super strict diet,I can still eat anything, I can do whatever I want. I still continue taking Provita Probiotics. Nong after pregnancy ko unti unti Na pumayat ako without grabeng effort dahil siguro continue parin ang take ko ng Provita mula pa noon.Im super amazed and proud.

The Provita maintain my 56kg kahit kain ako ng kain super! And I love it.

Kaya siguro umabot ng 2 years na after giving birth and still I'm 56kg because I enjoy my body, I embrace my Bilbil, my lose skin and everything. Because I already hit my goal na mag kababy. Now I am thinking what is my motivation again to lose weight to achieve my 42kg weight.? Seriously.. Now what is my motivation? This morning I talk to my self and ask kong ano ba talaga ang motivation ko para pumayat? I love for who I am now, and I am contented with my body now, na achieved kona yong goal ko na magkababy,and i am happy as in super.

Dati hindi ko naman talaga goal ang pumayat , ang goal ko lang mag kababy, pero dahil required na kailangan kong pumayat para mag kababy kami, i did may very best. Now what? My life is complete , and super contented.

So i ask my self " Coach Barbie , whats your motivation ?" My motivation now and my new goal is to be healthy not to lose weight ,to live longer for my family. My goal is masabayan ko si Zedi na mag run, bike and swim pag laki, that he will be proud for having a fit and strong mom , that he will be proud of my ABS hahhaa! And he will be also following our step to b healthy. Habang tinataype ko to naiiamagine ko . That when my son Zedi is 25 yearsold and i am 54 years old that time i will be still Healthy, Fit and Strong like JLO!! HAHAHA. (Can u imagine your self right now? at that age ?)

I have now my motivation and goal.

I choose to live healthy and eat healthy. Weightloss comes naturally with Provita Probiotics and Good Lifestyle. Na prove kona yon. Kaya kong ikaw iniisip mo na parang nahihirapan kang pumayat, or parang hindi mo kaya.. Its ok and its normal.Tao lang tau. Ask your self this Question?

1. What makes me happy? 2.What is my reason to lose weight? If Losing weight makes u happy. Do it! If Being Healthy makes u happy Do it! And to you sis, na dating payat tapos tumaba. Break up with ur Old Self, ang Old payat body mo noon. Embrace now yourself ,body now makipag tulungan ka sa sarili mo ngaun, stop remembering those skinny times, what did you do, ano kinakain mo noon? And all. Because its not u anymore. You've change and now ikaw na yan. So move forward. You can still do it in different way this time trust me . So if you want to lose weight add Provita If you want to be healthy ADD Provita. Relate kaba sis?

Comment down ano sa tingin mo ? After reading this .

Did you already find your motivation or inner purpose to be the best version of your self?


Coach Barbie

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