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"Everyday was a struggle but I didn't give up and I continued fighting for my weightloss journey..." "I just want to share my story sis to inspire and motivate others 💗"

"Malaki ang naitulong ng provita sakin sis. Super ganda ng naging effect. Before, kelangan ko pang uminom ng tea para mag poop, pero ngayon no need na. "

"Super galing ng provita sis! in 2 weeks of taking it naglose ako ng 6kg! From 58kg to 51.95kg!!!"

I couldn't believe sis na ganito kalaki ang nabawas sa timbang ko! I love you Coach Barbie and Provita!

Thank you so much Sis! Sobrang natutuwa ako sa achievement ko! Thank you sa continuous guidance Proweightloss Program nasusunod ko the right way ung mga free tips and guide nyo po sakin! Mga sis kapag nahihirapan ka sa weightloss journey mo...Don't give up sis and keep fighting! Be strong! I did it sis and I believe you can do it too! Join ka na sis sa Proweightloss Program in order for you to get the right guide just for you!

Love 💗 Leah

"Just because you are struggling doesn't mean you are failing"

We are here for you sis! Don't know how to start? Message Me!

Get your 30 Healthy Recipes and PN Guide Today to be Guided the right Way!!! Love 💗 Proweightloss Program

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