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Your Guide to Finding a Healthy Weight: Simple Steps for Women

Understanding your healthy weight doesn't need to be complicated. Let's break it down in easy terms:

Body Mass Index (BMI) Basics

BMI is like a quick health check using your weight and height. Here's the simple formula:

​BMI = weight (kg) / height (m)2

Take your height in meters and square the number. 

Next, you will need to divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared.

  • Underweight: BMI less than 18.5

  • Normal weight: BMI between 18.5 and 24.9

  • Overweight: BMI between 25 and 29.9

  • Obese: BMI 30 or more

Look Beyond the Numbers

BMI doesn't tell the whole story. Consider things like muscle, bones, and where your body stores fat. It's just a starting point.

Think About Your Health Goals

Your ideal weight is about feeling good, having energy, and doing the things you love. It's not just a number; it's about your well-being.

Talk to the Pros

Doctors, dietitians, and fitness experts can give you personalized advice based on your unique health picture. They're the real experts!

Healthy Living, Happy You

It's not just about weight—it's about your whole life. Eating well, moving, and taking care of your mind are all part of feeling your best.

Finding your ideal weight is a journey, not a destination. Keep it simple, focus on feeling good, and let your healthy habits guide you.

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