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Balat ng Orange gawin nating Gummies!

10 mins

5 Servings


Healthy meal and pwedeng pang business pa!

Balat ng Orange gawin nating Gummies!


  1. Get an Orange

  2. Peel it  and slice the skin

  3. Get the water boiled

  4. Put the peeled orange skin

  5. Wait for 5 minutes then pat dry and rinse

  6. Get another water put sugar

  7. Put the peeled skin let it boiled for 10 mins

  8. Remove and dry

  9. Fried it

  10. Remove and dry

  11. Put Provita Shape in Shake and sugar


How to make


  • Orange Peel

  • Brown Sugar

  • Provita Shape in Shake

  • Water

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